500 Calories and Under Healthy Fast Food Meals


These meals are healthy options for when you are at fast food chains! McDonald’s The McDonald’s menu is full of calories and fat packed food choices. However there are a few meal options for 500 calories and […]

10 Unbelievably Useful Websites You Need to Know


These websites will make your life easier and more entertaining 1. Clever Layover These websites will help you find the cheapest flights, solve and math problem, create throwaway email addresses, so you can get those […]

7 Meals you can make with Canned Food


Put all those random canned foods to use with these recipes 1. Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes I found this recipe a while back and absolutely fell in love with how simple it was. Everything gets mixed up […]

9 Super Summer Chilled Soups


A super healthy supper or a lovely light lunch: take a chill! Soup is for summer too! A steaming bowl of soup can be a big turn-off when the temperature starts to climb, but chilled […]

Oprah $100,000 Dream Vacation Giveaway


O the Oprah magazine would like you to get inspired to dream big for yourself! Do not miss you opportunity to enter for a chance to win a check for $100,000 for a dream vacation […]

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